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Dates and Prices


Cuba Cruise has 3 main types of cabin categories to choose from. Each category has a variety of different cabin types that vary in price depending on room size, location and other amenities. For details regarding cabin types and options please see the Your Ship page.




Premium Suites


SJ - SI Classes

Available on decks 2 and 6. Some suites include a private Jacuzzi and a balcony.


1,978.00 USD - 2,648 USD


Outside Staterooms


XAO - XF Classes

Available on decks 2 through 7. Cabins can sleep a maximum of 5 persons.


1,521.00 USD - 1,901 USD


Inside Staterooms


IA - IE Classes

Available on decks 3 through 7. Cabins can sleep up to a maximum of 4 persons.


1,439.00 USD - 1,439 USD


Travelling with a Family or Group?


3rd, 4th, 5th Adult per Cabin:


Inside Cabin 1,213.00 USD


Outside Cabin 1,327.00 USD


3rd, 4th, 5th Child per Cabin:


Inside Cabin 735.00 USD


Outside Cabin 787.00 USD


Para Reservar Celestyal Cristal debe enviar su solicitud !! 

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