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Hire a tour guide on your vacation !

Hire a tour guide on your vacation!
Hiring a tour guide to accompany you in your activities is of great importance for you and your family. Talia Travel and Trade Limited offers you the opportunity to acquire the services of a professional in the area to be your guarantee companion, with guarantee we do not mean that this person that you hire will be of our entire confidence and with the titles of Trade necessary to carry out this work, it will provide you with detailed information about the destination, during its scheduled activity, it will achieve a better understanding and understanding of the environment that surrounds it, it will support and advise you regarding purchases, currency exchange, among other things.


Please select your vacation destination and submit your reservation request to hire a professional tour guide in both Jamaica and Cuba.


In Jamaica we offer services in the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese.


NOTE: the rate may vary according to the time you want to reserve the tour guide.

Select your destination

Visita el Mausoleo de Bob Marley en Jamaica
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